July 20, 2015

CB Features

 CourseBuilder is an affordable Learning Content Management System (LCMS) that simplifies the process of developing, managing, and publishing your instructor-led course-ware.


Key Features:

Learning Content Management

Manage your instructor-led PowerPoint® and/or Word® course files by using CourseBuilder. Rapidly combine your course material into a variety of flexible designs, from simple lessons to entire courses. By using reusable learning object files you can avoid managing multiple copies and versions – fix it once, fix it everywhere!

Build (Construct) your courses quickly and effortlessly within Catalogs:

Create catalogs and add flexible and diverse course types, such as Basic (short term duration – 1 day), Standard (medium term duration 2 to 5 day) and Comprehensive (long term duration – 1, 2, 3+ weeks) courses. Import courses from other catalogs. Copy content from one course to another, or copy a complete course and bespoke it to suit your new requirement. Lock catalogs and any course within to prevent unauthorized modification.

Rapid Course Creation

Quickly construct  new courses or add content to your current courses. Drag and drop your Microsoft PowerPoint® and/or Word® reusable learning objects and shared learning objects (rlo’s/sco’s) into course, section or module containers ready for publishing. Then enter course properties such as course title, version, description and objectives, which are dynamically added to the new course on publish without any further intervention.

Watch a Demonstration

A. Quick 15 minute demonstration on building/constructing and publishing a PowerPoint basic course:


B. A more detailed, 22 minute demonstration on building/constructing, publishing and printing to .pdf of a PowerPoint basic course:

YouTube_Constructor detailed basic-course demo

Full Course or Granular Publishing with Automatic PDF Generation

Publish an entire course, specific sections or individual modules. You can even de-select individual slides to tailor the content to your audience, whilst maintaining the original source content, without having to modify or change it.

Print your Published Course or Documents in .pdf

On completion of publish you have the option to print the course or content you’ve just published either as individual .pdf’s (modules) or bind all together as one complete .pdf, with backgrounds removed (PowerPoint) as per ISO .pdf recommendations (in Notes pages, Handouts or Slide view).

Preview your content – Edit or just review

If you just need to review a file within a course or a slide deck, simply click on the review tab, select the course/slide deck container, then the file you wish to review and in an instant a .pdf appears in the GUI review pane, allowing you to scroll through either PowerPoint® or Word® files. PowerPoint® can be viewed in slide, handout or notes pages view. If you then decide to edit, simply double click on the file and you’re ready to go.

Manage Your Learning Content Repositories

Have quick and instant access and manageability of your learning or content resources through the one graphical user interface (GUI). Once committed to the Resource Management page, you don’t have to worry anymore about where the folders are located.

Manage Your Published Material Repositories

Commit your published folder(s) to the manage published repositories tab and quickly gain access to all your published courseware, documents or slide decks. No need to keep remembering where they’re located, just click on the tab, click on the published folder, then the course folder and you’re there.

Useful tools options

  • Catalog Statistics – See a graphical representation of what files are getting reused and how many times across your catalog
  • Variable List/New – Create your own bespoke variables for text replacement within your publications
  • Catalog Audit – View application usage by item, user,  action and date/time


CourseBuilder is Affordable

In fact it is very reasonable compared to some tools out there in the market place. We offer reduced costs in every additional license purchased, along with full or part support and updates to the application. Other support or special deals are negotiable.

CourseBuilder is easy to Use

It provides a compact and efficient tool to compliment your existing learning development routine.  All your development process and work is contained in the one environment and each is accessible through dynamic GUI operation. It works seamlessly with your existing Microsoft Office programs and previously developed content to ensure you’re up and running quickly and producing first-class learning content, slide decks or documentation.

Use CourseBuilder for:

Slide deck management

Build your slide decks for sales, marketing or general presentations, then quickly customize and modify to suit your delivery requirements. Effortlessly edit, modify and bespoke your presentations, then share slides across other presentations whilst maintaining updates across all re-usage events.

Document management and publishing

Create full Microsoft Word® documents in manageable parts, chapters using shared content items (.docx files).

  • Quickly modify and edit with automatic, dynamic table of content insertion and enforced style, look and feel through front matter material masters.
  • Rapidly publish to native format Word® or .pdf output.
  • Manage your documents and their repositories from the one interface.


Get the Fact-sheet

Click to download the full feature sets and fact sheet by clicking here: cb-factsheet