July 27, 2015

CB Tutorials


CourseBuilder (Constructor) User Tutorials – Take a look and learn now!

These informative tutorials show you the basics, like how to use the user interface and then progresses onto more in-depth instructional examples of using CourseBuilder to better improve your knowledge of the application. Be aware that the application is still referred to as “Constructor”. The functionality and services are still the same, only the name has changed.

  1. An introduction to the concepts of reuse with Instructor-led courseware (abridged) – Tutorial: https://youtu.be/4kroyeNfKvQ
  2. An Introduction to the concepts of reuse with Instructor-led courseware and typical CourseBuilder deployments (full): https://youtu.be/PJsIjJb-QXk
  3. Introduction to CourseBuilder/Constructor GUI -Tutorial https://youtu.be/odWW9myAHK4
  4. Introduction to CourseBuilder/Course Structures  – Tutorial https://youtu.be/jgpXLvE4XbE
  5. Basic Course Construct/publish and print – tutorial https://youtu.be/qpclE2GmuAs
  6. Standard Course Construct/publish and print – tutorial https://youtu.be/MhZvap5hOg4
  7. Comprehensive Course Construct – Tutorial https://youtu.be/xI8FuXPF4AU